For et stykke siden, lavede jeg et ret langt interview til en engelsk studerende, bosat i Danmark, der er igang med en stor afhandling, der omhandler blogging som et univers, strategi og et fænomen. Det var et ret langt interview og det fik virkelig sat gang i nogle tanker hos mig selv, samt at jeg fik mulighed for at sætte ord på nogle ting, jeg egentlig ikke havde overvejet med samme vinkel. Jeg har derfor udvalgte, nogle af de mest dybdegående og alligevel lidt ‘brede’ spørgsmål ud, da jeg tænkte det måske er sjovt at få lidt mere viden om hvad der ligger til grund for mig valg og hvad der driver mig <3

Udover dette, kunne jeg rigtig godt tænke mig, at tilføje nogle flere indlæg, der afviger mere fra mine ‘almindelige’ posts? Måske I kunne have nogle inputs? <3 Nedenfor kan I læse interviewet, der dog er på engelsk.

When did you start writing/blogging? How did it happen? What encouraged you?
My name is Caroline Marburger, I am 20 years old and is currently a fulltime fashion, beauty, lifestyle and interior-blogger. I started blogging, when I was only 16 years old. It actually began in my summer vacation, where I felt kind of bored. I complained to my mother about it, haha, and she suggested me to start my own blog. I guess my moms got this idea, was because I had been talking about my favorite swedish blogger, Kenza Zouiten, for such a long time. I were super excited about this ‘new online universe’, that I didn’t even knew existed. It was a hole new world to me, and it opened some doors and got me some crazy opportunities, which just catches my attention and made me wanna keep on and making it a part of me.

For how long are you a blogger on your blog page?
I have been blogging on my blog, Fashion By Caroline, for about 4 years I guess, time flies and I do not even think about the fact, that I am blogging everyday – it is just a part of me and my life.

What do you think is special about blogging?
The most special thing about blogging, is the way you opens up your mind and soul in some way, to a online universe, with a lot of people, with different background and interests. It is very complicated in some ways, but I really like, the way that we can share things, to agree and disagree and to help each other out some troubles in different ways. Beside this, I will and have always loved to spread inspiration and my lifevison, which is the perfect way for me do to, on my blog.

Describe a typical day in your life.
A typical day in my life, entails a lot of pr- and business meetings, but often I try to combine them all on one day. Another big part of my life as a blogger, is going to events with brands and other bloggers, where we get introduced to some new products, companies or even to a relaunch of something. As a blogger, you are a kind of mouthpiece between companies and their costumers, so I help a lot of people to spread their vision and message.

Another big part of my days, is also to do a lot of work on my computer. Such as emails, photo editing, planning upcoming blogpost, and of course to write my blogposts and keep my social media accounts updated!

What do you want to achieve with blogging?
I want to achieve the drive and happiness, it is to me when I am blogging. I want to be a good example in so many ways as possible and to inspire people. I really love, when I get the possibility to communicate with my readers and followers. The fact that some people find it inspiring and interesting to follow my life, my lifevision and my style, makes me so glad and I really love the common things we can all share.

What is the message you are sending through your blogs and pictures?
Ugh, it is difficult. I think that my blog is more a lifestyle, than a fashionblog. I love to share every little part of my life, in all ways – if it makes sense? I want people to see my blog as a brand and lifestyle in it self, and off course I hope and wish for, that people think my blog is inspiring to read and follow.

What is the best thing as being a blogger? Why?
The best thing about being a blogger, might be that I really get to do what I love, share what I like and influence on my very own way. The fact that there is no rules, no right way to do things and no barrage! Beside this, I really love to have the possibility to create a online universe and community, with some people, that in some way finds me inspiring or find my point of view similar to their own.

What are the values that you as a blogger want to bring to your audience?
I want to focus on imperfection, natural beauty and healthiness in a moderate way. Just like I want to share my lessons, my inspiration and my failures – it makes me so happy, when people get to learn something, just like then can make me realize things.

 pictures by Anders Aqqalu Andersen

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